Currently available in Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Owerri, Ibadan, Warri, Asaba, Benin, Calabar and Enugu.

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We will install a vehicle tracker on all cars chosen. The tracking report will be sent to advertisers                  monthly as evidence of distance                  traveled and routes covered.


The body of the car will be branded as per the  branding       option chosen by advertisers.


We send advertisers monthly pictorial report confirming progress and status of campaign.


Minimum campaign period is 3 months.

Get Your Brand On The Road and Monitor Your Campaign


Our unique car tracking allows advertisers monitor their campaigns online realtime. To verify the performance of all drivers in a campaign, Brandmycar provides an analytics platform that reports on the locations, mileage and impressions for the extent of each client’s campaign. Following a set timetable, Brandmycar distributes Proof of Wrap and monthly analytics reports’ for our clients.

Traditional Outdoor versus Brandmycar

 brand my car 2 brand my car 3
 Average Billboard Cost Per Month in Nigeria – N900,000  Same Amount Will Give Your Brand 10 Cars Per Month
 One Location  Your advertising goes with them everywhere they go.. to work, religious gatherings, shops, etc
 Takes on the average 10 – 15days to print and deploy campaigns Fast to deploy campaigns (7 Days Turnaround Time) 
 Not very Scalable  Extremely Scalable
 Averagely 1,500,000 Impressions per month  Averagely 6,000,000 Impressions per month
 No communication interface  Human Interface, drivers become ambassadors to brands and represent brands as appropriate

Brandmycar’s Database Demographics

Amplify Your Campaign  With BMC’s Short Code Services


Tie your campaign to our unique short code 20966. By integrating Pay-per-Data short code service into campaigns, advertisers will be able to further measure the effectiveness of their campaigns, collect and keep customer data for cross-selling and up-selling purposes. Pay-per-Data is most ideal for informational, promotional and incentive based campaigns

E.g. Text Digi to 20966 for a 10% Discount On Your Next Purchase

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